who we are

Rattlesnake Electric Sport, Racing Into The Future

Rattlesnake Electric Sport is a FIA Category V, Group 2, Class 1 EKart racing and development team. We compete in the Sanzaru Games Karting Championships, the RES Road Racing EKart Championship, as well as special events like Speed Ventures' REFUEL TT. Our mission is bring the fastest EKarts in the world to grass roots motor racing. In the last five years, the team has and their karts have won more than 20 events and seven championships. Their performance have challenged gas powered karts for performance while out pacing nearly all other electric racing vehicles in the world.

Electric Racing requires a different collection of skills to be successful. We are using our fleet of High Performance vehicles to develop the next generation of performance driver, driven by their ability to get the most they can out of every watt-hour. We are building a ladder to prepare for the summit of electric racing.

Our Mission

RES is constantly pursuing new places to apply our talents and we continue to add new classes of racing to our pursuits. Look for new Rattlesnakes coming later this year!

RES has a professional race presentation and the knowledge to make our karts last and win. We have had remarkable reliability with only a handful of DNF's over the last four years.

‚ÄčOur Energy Oriented Driving system will prepare you to get the most out of any high performance vehicle. We have world class coaching to improve your skills and deliver the wins.

In the last four years and more than 800 racing miles, RES has learned a few things about making Electric Vehicles go fast and win.

Factory Race Team

The Rattlesnake Electric Sport Factory team is dedicated to developing the technique and technology that is driving the fastest growing segment of motorsports, and then translating that into race wins. The group below has won more than 95% of Group 2 EKart races every held. They have learned the strategies and systems the create an unfair advantage when racing translated gas racers. In spite of the team's success, every race is in doubt, both to the other racers on the team or one of the many talented visitors to our racing grid. Come see us race. We put on a good show and you might learn something new about motorsports.

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