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Rattlesake RS3

The Rattlesnake 3 is an evolution of the RS2 from 2013. The objectives for the RS3 were three fold; reduce weight to the 200kg class limit, move weight distribution back by 20%, and increase the waist stiffness. The resulting effort included literally dozens of small changes. Fasteners were replaced with Titanium pieces, Carbon Fibre was used in seat and front panel struts, Dash components and a lot of small brackets scattered throughout the Kart. The chain drive was changed from a 14T-30T of the RS2 to the nearly identical, but 20% lighter 12T-26T. New Battery Boxes were built moving the weight back by nearly 50mm, and a new Motor Mount was built angling the motor back allowing it to move 2” back and preserve chain adjustment. The results were a race ready Kart at 123KG, and the 25lbs lighter driver completed a package within .5% of the class limits. Handling is dramatically improved, with better turn in and less understeer at the end of corners. The RS 3 improvements have been making their way back to the RS2 chassis as RS2A & RS2B varients, with new battery boxes and some refinements in the front end stiffness.

Rattlesnake RS2

The Rattlesnake 2 was the first purpose built Group2 Racing kart in the world, and winner of the first G2 EKart championship in the world. It is based on 2013 Zero Motorcycle Drive and power package, mated to a CRG Road Rebel KZ shifter Kart chassis. RES built cooling systems for the motor and controller, engineered solutions for chain drive, battery mounting, Motor Mounting and instrumentation. The resulting package was routinely one of the fastest classes in the Red Line Oil Karting Championships, with remarkable reliability, going nearly 6 events before the first DNF in class history. It carried Marcos Ramirez to the first championship in 2013. The RS2 is a major part of the 2014 season, with two new upgrades. The RS2A (on Matt's #00 and Kenyon's RS1X #96) includes upgraded liquid cooling systems, and all new Battery Boxes. The RS2B (on Marcos's #1), includes RS2A battery boxes, and a new Motor mount and cooling system. Both changes move weight back, and the RS2B improves waist stiffness. Both of these variants have won 2014 races, and the original RS2 of Tristan has set fastest lap, while Jon Horsley's RS2 claimed the last podium space at the opening race.

Rattlesnake RS1

This is the first Kart we built for the 2013 Refuel Electric TT at Laguna Seca in July of 2013. Unfortunately, this kart broke its contactor in practice, and failed to compete. It featured a Hot Rod Golf Kart Motor and an A/C Controller, and a Lithionics LiFePo4 2.5kwh battery pack. This motor was difficult to mount, but we developed two key components that would be in the next three Rattlesnake Karts. The Blown Motor Cooling system and the water cooled controller system were both reused in the RS2 as it entered the first full season in the RLOKC in 2013. Later that fall, the RS1 competed in the final event of the Red Line Oil Karting Championship. Marcos Ramirez claimed that race and championship, taking Cleopatra to its final victory.