NCK Round 2 & 3 at Willow Springs

RES made its first trip to Willow Springs International Raceway. It was a wonderful weekend of fun, including the first RES BBQ at Willow Springs on Saturday.

The Group 2 Heat featured the three RES entries running a drafting race, with Matt Cresci prevailing in the RS5's maiden Road Race. Richard Hilleman and Marcos Ramirez dueled for the second, with Rich claiming the place after battery heat limited Marcos's late race HP.

The Group 2 Feature started the same, with Matt, Rich and Marcos less than two feet apart at better than 90MPH down the hill into the main straight. In the end, Rich managed to translate the draft into incredible range, completing more than 10 miles at better than 77mph average, and establishing a Group 2 Track Record of 1:56.61. Matt ended up in the turn 3 bank while on a flier of a lap, ceding the position to Marcos.

The Sunday was a short day for RES, but the Matt was ready to go. In the Group 1 Heat he managed to squeeze 5 laps out of the RS5 and a new lap record of 1:42.59. Marcos overcame his day one problems, and Rich couldn't make the batteries last on Sunday in the hotter temps. It was a great weekend on a wonderful track.

The Road Racing season is off to a great start with Matt leading the championship with 591, Marcos trails with 581 and Rich is in third with 551.