Three for the Champ-RLOKC Round 6
Mathew Cresci cruises to his first Feature Win.

Marcos Ramirez only led one lap in the feature, but it was the right one. Round 6 of the RLOKC started with a new Track Record for Richard Hilleman and the RS3 of 50.832. He followed it up with nearly a 4 second victory in the first PreMain. A bad start handed the lead to Matt Cresci who diced with Marcos and Rich before securing the second race of the day.

The team had used Dry Ice to cool the batteries to allow for the fastest Premains of the year, and that had thrown the strategy for the feature into disarray. Did they have enough cold in the Batteries to go flat out, and if now where was the threshold? Rich faultered from the pole, ultimately parking it without finishing a lap. Matt held Marcos at bay for 11 laps, with Christopher Hilleman exploiting the opportunity and showing a strong third. Marcos made the move about half way through the 12 lap and came home with the feature win to extend his championship lead.