Sansaru Games Karting Championship Round 1
Matt Cresci.

The Zero Motorcycles electric kart class added one more kart to the field over 2014 as the class continues to grow. Matt Cresci took the pole ahead of Marcos Ramirez and last yearÂ’s class champion, Richard Hilleman. Cresci took the initial lead in the first heat and held on to take a five second win ahead of Hilleman, Charles Stimmler, and Christopher Hilleman. Cresci again took the initial lead in the second heat as well, but was pressured by Ramirez the entire way. Cresci took the win, but just barely. Ramirez finished 2nd, Richard Hilleman 3rd, and Stimmler 4th, setting the stage for the main event.

The 12 lap main event saw Cresci taking the initial lead, but Richard Hilleman and Marcos Ramirez soon over took him for their turns at the front of the electric powered pack. Little did they know that Cresci was saving his electrons for one last final push, regaining the lead near the end to take the win by three seconds! Hilleman and Ramirez rounded out the podium with Stimmler taking 4th in his first electric race.