Sansaru Games Karting Championship Round 2
Matt Cresci.

With the largest electric kart field in series history, Matt Cresci took his second pole in a row ahead of six other karts including Marcos Ramirez in 2nd and Richard Hilleman in 3rd. In the first heat, Cresci and Ramirez battled it out in the front with Canadian Austin Riley making a guest appearance in his DD2 kart. Riley is a national Rotax DD2 specialist, so the electric kart class graciously allowed him to join them to help him get experience on Sonoma’s challenging Sprint layout. Part of the agreement, however, was that that had to start in the back of the pack. As the race spread out, Riley was able to pick through the field to take the win with Ramirez 2nd, Gino Ghilotti 3rd and Cresci 4th. In the second heat, Cresci, Ramirez and Ghilotti lead the field off the line at the drop of the green. Riley once again worked his way up to take 3rd overall. In the end it was Cresci for the win, Ramirez 2nd, Riley 3rd and Ghilotti 4th.

For the Main event, Riley decided that he did not want to impede the EVO championship battle and sat out the race to concentrate on his Senior Rotax race debut. The EVO field took off and ran close together, seeming to pace themselves for the last three laps. Cresci, Ramirez and Hilleman controlled the field until the dash at the end had Cresci take his second Main in a row, Hilleman 2nd, Ramirez 3rd and Charles Stimmler 4th. Cresci got $50 of Sanzaru Bucks for his winning efforts.