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Energy Racecraft Seminers

Rattlesnake Electric Sport offers Energy Racecraft Seminars. These six hour experiences are the first step in your Electric Racing Career. We offer a ERK class, focused on bringing an experienced kart racer up to speed on the operation, safety, Energy Racecraft Strategy Concepts, and specific driving techniques and tactics that will prepare you to be competitive and safe in your first ElectroKart Experience.

We also offer specialized Energy Racecraft Seminars for motorsports professionals. RES Karts, Racecars and other research are presented to both drivers and other motorsports engineering talent to allow them to explore the parameters of the strategies available to them. Each of these experiences is custom tailored to the specific needs of the individuals and organization.

System Development

RES works with Manufactures and other Motorsports Professionals to help provide innovation on demand, grounded by the practicalities of winning Races. This includes System Development, Strategic Research, Software Systems Design and Implementation, and Customer Engagement Technologies. Tell us what you are looking at. We think we are a unique cross of Electric Drive Motorsports Experience and Consumer Product Expertise.

Strategic Consulting

One of the products of running a racing team at the forefront of Energy Racecraft is access to the latest research on tactics and strategies. This perspective allows us to look at other racing series with new and innovative eyes. Ask for our 2015 Formula E Analysis as an example.

Rattlesnake Products

New RS7 eSports Racer

The RS7 started as a project to build the next rung of the ladder for Energy Racer Development and as a rolling laboratory for our research into Energy Racecraft. Based on the most successful sports racer platform in the work, Radical Sports Cars and with the work of Cameron Racing, Rational Motion and OmniGear, we are bringing FIA Formula E refinement to our stable. This system will compete in the NASA Super Unlimited Class in Northern and Southern California over the next year. Our goal is to develop the racing systems required for our partners to use this car to mean a number of customer use cases. We have been campaigning a 2008 SR3 over the last couple months, and have found it to be a very capable racecar that is competitive right out of the box. The SRe is based on 2015 chassis and aerodynamics. We have only higher expectations going forward.

New RS8 Racing eKarts

The RS8 continues the evolution of Zero Motorsports based FIA Catagory V ElectroKarts. The latest configuration includes updated fairing mounted cooling system, new ram air Motor Cooling System, and a custom Dash iPad App with Logging functionality. This is a refinement of the Championship winning RS5, based on the Aluminos KZ Chassis. We expect this chassis to deliver our 100th manufacture victory early this season.

Used RS8 Packages

As the season comes to an end, we will have race proven packages ready for delivery. There are a couple different vintages, with a couple of different price ranges, depending on the accessories required.

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RS7 eSports Racer
RS8 Racing eKart